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We intentionally made sure we are doing things believed to be impossible

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How it works
Receives ultrasound as an input and provides electrical energy as an output. As long as the receiver continues to send requests for power, the transmitter continues transmitting. Once the requests stop, the transmission will end.
Receiver parts
Electrical Plug
Control Board
Proprietary asic
Visual sensor
Phased array transducer
Ribbon Cable
Acoustic transparent housing

Receives electrical energy as an input and provides acoustic energy at ultrasonic frequencies as an output. The ultrasonic frequencies are achieved thanks to the transducer that converts the amplified electrical signal into ultrasonic waves that can be focused, aimed and sent to the receiver.
Receiver parts
Electrical Socket
Proprietary ultrasonic transducers
Ribbon Cable
Harvesting Electronics
Flat supercapacitor

In this way, a device can be remotely powered or charged without having to be tethered to
an electrical outlet.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban
About ultrasound wireless power transfer

“Zillion-dollar idea”


Quantative Benefits

More space and less weight
No batteries required means more space to add new technological features and lighter weight devices.
Extends battery life
The gentler the charge, the longer the rechargeable battery’s lifespan.
Quick setup and aesthetically clean look
Devices are powered wirelessly and do not require an extensively wired structure, it’ll be much easier and faster to build.
Sustainable and environmentally friendly
Removes the need to manufacture and recycle billions of batteries. Power companies need to generate the power for the manufacturing of batteries. Batteries alone cost at least 2000x the energy stored inside the battery itself to manufacture.


Short term plan
We will come to market with our own consumer product. ZAP is a wireless power extender, think of it like a wireless extension cord. ZAP will give consumers first ever experience of wireless electricity with meaningful power and range. ZAP will also give us valuable feedback from the real world to develop our tech further. ZAP will also pave the way for ultrasound wireless power transfer to become industry standard.
Mid term plan
Provide custom solutions to tech companies
looking to get competitive advantage. Small
and medium size hardware technology
companies and start-ups as targets.
Long term plan
Sell / licence our tech so it would be
seamlessly integrated into existing
technology like your iPhone. World's biggest
electronic manufacturers like Apple, Sony,
LG and Nokia as targets


We will soon come to market with our own consumer product

ZAP Wireless Power Extender, think of it like wireless extension cord
ZAP has 2 sides: transmitter and the receiver
Plug whatever you need into the receiver and you are good to go
Plug the transmitter into your wall socket
Power and range to be announced soon.


It is hard to imagine a world without sound as it is an essential part of our lives. With the advent of technology sound has become more than just a means to communicate; we have been safely using ultrasound for medical applications for decades. After years of research and tests, we have built upon the ultrasound technology something that has the potential to change the world.
over tech
NoMoreWires unique nature makes it the perfect wireless power technology as it does not interface with any current electronics and communication systems, enabling it to be safely used in hospitals, vehicles, and especially aerospace.
The animal kingdom
The effects of ultrasound on animals can be varying as they can hear at frequencies much different than humans. Still, our technology has been designed, developed and tested to be safe to use around mammals, birds and especially cats and dogs that are more sensitive to ultrasound.

Partner with Us

We will do everything we can to give you a huge competitive advantage
Wireless power transfer tech allows you to power what’s next. To create fantastic new devices and user experiences.
We provide custom solutions to companies looking to get competitive advantage. We partner with hungry new leaders that share our vision of devices that are untethered, of user experiences that are not possible with batteries or power cords.
Devices/gadgets/sensors are getting smaller, more efficient and need less power. At the same time wireless power transfer tech is getting more powerful. Now is the moment to bridge the gap and partner with us to be cutting edge.


Marcus Hendrikson
Marcus Hendrikson
CEO, Founder
15 years of experience. CEO who likes financial discipline through solid management, administration and a hands-on approach to leadership. Seasoned strategist with two successful exits always spearheading growth and business vision.
Reza Nejad Abbasi
Reza Nejad Abbasi
Head of Research and Development
20 years of experience. Designing, testing, analysing and systems integration of acoustic systems for long range acoustic devices like speakers, microphones and sound cannons and short range acoustic devices like medical ultrasound machines.
Benjamin Hadid
Benjamin Hadid
Head of Engineering
Master of Science with cross-disciplinary knowledge of material science, chemistry and mechanical engineering. This includes 4-years of practical experience in mechanical engineering and design; 2-years of practical experience in consumer electronics transducer design and manufacturing. Skilled in micro transducer design and fabrication, functional material development and thermal analysis.
Maksim Popov
Maksim Popov
Acoustics Engineer
Specialist in acoustics, engineering and applied mathematics, with experience of theoretical and practical work in the field of modelling and simulation, design of equipment, nondestructive testing, analysis and evaluation.
Catherine Xiao
Catherine Xiao
Electrical Engineer
Expert in designing and developing electric systems, electrical power design, power grid architecture, analog and digital circuits.
Youssef Hadid
Youssef Hadid
Microelectronics Engineer
Extensive experience in micro-electronics with embedded microcontrollers and firmware/software, including test software development.
Marat Kasparov
Marat Kasparov
Lead Investor, Activist
Professional investor with exceptional eye for the next big thing and a proven track record. Among the very first investors at BOLT - now a 1 billion dollar valuation unicorn company.


NoMoreWires welcomes passionately dedicated people to join us in exploring the outer bounds of possibility. We encourage you to contact us if you feel you have what it takes to conceptualize and create world-changing technology.

We seek those who have elevated degrees and experience in physics and engineering, who are shining examples of problem-solvers and team-driven leaders.

How Wireless Power Transfer Could Help With Crisis Situations Similar to COVID-19
Pop-Up Hospitals, Testing
Centers, and Shelters:
When low power devices are powered wirelessly and do not require an extensively wired structure, it’ll be much easier and faster to build temporary medical facilities as well as shelters for people who have lost their homes.
Remote Medical Monitoring
Remote Medical Monitoring
With wireless power, the remote medical monitoring of things like heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen intake, will provide a level of convenience, due to wireless power functioning safely even while on the move. Wirelessly powered medical monitors will also help protect patients more consistently when medical staff is low, and protect medical staff when more frequent visits can mean higher risk of medical staff infection.
Remote Facility Monitoring
Remote Facility Monitoring
We can’t be everywhere at once, especially during a pandemic. Wirelessly powered sensors in buildings we cannot visit physically will help keep us apprised of people coming and going, moisture in the air, leaks, smoke, temperature, sound, and other important elements that advance notice will help us protect property and communities.
Supply Chain Optimization
Supply Chain Optimization
Wireless power will enable a depth of sensors for inventory control that we have not yet experienced. Coupled with predictive analysis and AI, we can more accurately and automatically order goods and supplies to keep a healthy stock supply.
Warehouse Automation
Wireless power will enable more robotic enhancement of warehouse fulfillment and enable workers to manage more functions from the safety of home or an isolated location.
Data collection
Data Collection and Communication
The one thing that can help ease the strain of a sudden or unexpected crisis is data. With more sensors, connectivity of things, and remote and secure access to data, the scale of which are enabled by wireless power, we will have more sources of data when we need it most.